James: Faith and Works

September 7, 2020
James: Taming the Tounge
September 14, 2020
James: Listening & Doing
September 1, 2020

September 6, 2020
In James 2, James states, re-states, and repeats a common theme: faith without action is dead. The powerful passage we studied today also has a side that is often misunderstood. By looking at the relationship between faith and works in both James’ and Paul’s letters, we see clearly that while we come to faith by God’s grace alone, we grow in our faith as followers of Jesus when it translates to action. For the maturing Christian, our faith is evidenced by works of love, service, giving and forgiving. James illustrated his point by asking his readers to remember Abraham and Rahab, two Old Testament characters whose faith was made complete by their actions.