Hallowed Be Thy Name: Jehovah Mekaddesh

Hallowed Be Thy Name: Jehovah Nissi
June 15, 2020
Hallowed Be Thy Name: Jehovah Tsaba
June 1, 2020

Today we look at another compound name of God: Jehovah Mekaddesh, The LORD who Sanctifies. In Exodus 20:7-8 we find that while God is in charge of setting us apart, cleansing, purifying and sanctifying us, we also play a part in the process. God’s command for us to “consecrate ourselves” means that we have to take inventory of our lives and remove anything that might be hindering our relationship with Him. We do this not to earn God’s forgiveness and grace, but because we belong to a people who have received God’s forgiveness and grace. As we offer ourselves as living sacrifices, we are able to worship the LORD truly and properly.