Summer Camps

Eagle Lake Camp

July 27 – 31
9am - 4pm
Ages 7 - 12
How we're keeping campers safe according to the guidelines:

Group sizes cannot exceed 10.

The 10-person limit does not include staff. The same group of children needs to stay together from day to day. For Eagle Lake, this means: We will divide campers into groups of 8-10, with 1-2 counselors assigned to the group. These groups will stay together all day, each day. They will not interact with other groups.

Additionally, this means that we will be deleting all large group games and activities from our roster, and will be planning a variety of small group games and activities in their place.

Groups need to be separated and cannot be combined, so that individuals or groups of children are not mixing and changing from one group to another, including during outdoor activities.

For Eagle Lake, again this means that we will be eliminating all large group games and activities from our roster, and will be planning a variety of small group games and activities in their place so that groups never get within 6 feet of each other or interact with each other.

Screen campers and staff for symptoms and close-contact exposures to ensure they are symptom-free before participating in camp.

For Eagle Lake, this means that we’re implementing a new pre-camp health screening, in which we're asking parents to quarantine their campers for 7 days prior to arrival, checking their campers’ temperatures daily, as well as watching for other “red-flag” health symptoms. Campers who do not pass the health screening will not be allowed at camp.

Summer staff are also being asked to follow this quarantine process prior to arrival.

We will also be performing daily temp checks for staff and campers during camp.

Equipment used indoors and outdoors must be sanitized after each group use, and disinfect all high-touch areas at start and end of the day and, when possible, throughout the day.

For Eagle Lake, this means that we will be rotating small groups through each activity, including on the equipment. After a group leaves, all equipment pieces will be thoroughly sanitized before another group can use the equipment. Additionally, this means that we’re increasing the frequency for sanitizing common touch points, including all equipment.

Staff are to remain with the same group of children.

For Eagle Lake, as we mentioned above, this means that 1-2 counselors will be assigned to each group of 8-10. These counselors will stay with the same group all day, each day.

To the best extent possible, children and staff should maintain a distance of 6 feet throughout the day.

For Eagle Lake, this means that while campers will be thoroughly supervised by staff, counselors will do their best to maintain a social distance from one another and from campers.

Staggered check in

This means that we’re limiting the number of family members who can drop a camper off, and the number of families who can be inside a building at one time to drop campers off, so as to continue to strictly adhere to the 6 foot rule.

Drop off windows by last name (please try your best to follow these):

A-M: 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

M-Z: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Additionally, we’re looking into a "curbside checkout" routine to even further limit interaction between our families.

FINALLY, to limit the spread of germs on surfaces, WE WILL NOT BE KEEPING ANY LOST AND FOUND AFTER CAMP. We will have several opportunities for campers to look through Lost and Found during their camp session AND we will have a Lost and Found table out on Friday morning for parents to look over as they leave. However, we will no longer search through Lost and Found after camp.

A couple quick tips to help your camper's gear pack stay intact:

PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING with camper's full name!

PLEASE DO NOT send anything of strong sentimental or monetary value!

PLEASE take the time Friday to look over the Lost and Found table before you leave.

Health Screening Form

Musical Theater Camp

June 22 - 26
Thanks for a great camp Joyful Light!

Vacation Bible School

After much prayer, considering all of the circumstances, and review of the Colorado and Douglas County guidelines, we’ve come to the realization that we cannot deliver a traditional VBS this year. As much as we want to see your children singing, and trekking from station to station like in previous years, our first priority is to have a safe environment for your children. With COVID 19, we do not feel we can guarantee that safety with an all-volunteer team.