• Micah 6:8 | Act Justly

    In Micah 6, we read a form of biblical literature known as a Divine Covenant Lawsuit. God is the plaintiff, His people are the defendants, and […]
  • Easter 2019

    In the final moments of his life, a thief made his last request, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Broken, bruised and bleeding, […]
  • Palm Sunday: Ho-Hum or Hosanna

    Palm Sunday 33 AD… a day filled with conflicting emotions. Celebration marked the day as people lined the road going from the Mount of Olives to […]
  • Bound for Joy: Provision

    Paul’s final message to the Philippians was to thank them for their gracious and joyful financial support. On Sunday we recognized the generosity of our church […]
  • Bound for Joy: Infighting

    On Sunday we discussed infighting, quarreling, and conflict in the church. Surprisingly, the New Testament includes many examples. What can we learn from how church members […]
  • Bound for Joy: Accountant, Athlete, Alien

    In Philippians 3, Paul writes like an accountant, an athlete, and an alien. As an accountant, he communicates that his religious “profits” are actually losses compared […]
  • Bound for Joy: Friendship

    Philippians 2:19-30 Very different than the rest of this letter, Paul talks about his travel plans and especially his relationship with two close friends: Timothy and […]
  • Bound for Joy: Complaining

    Our time together Sunday was devoted to something intensely practical and relatable. The Apostle Paul encouraged the Philippians to stop complaining and arguing. Why? First, for […]
  • Bound for Joy: Obedience

    Christ-like obedience. On the heels of examining the humility and selflessness of Jesus, we looked at how to obey God is to love him and to […]
  • Bound for Joy: Selfless

    Paul begins Philippians Chapter 2 by encouraging Christlikeness. Humility, unity, and selflessness are traits of Jesus we must cultivate in our personal walk with Christ, in […]
  • Bound for Joy: Attitude

    Philippians 1:27, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…” How can followers of Jesus today follow this advice? Is this […]
  • Bound for Joy: Expectation

    Pastor Anthony talked about what it means for a follower of Jesus to make Jesus the eager expectation and hope of his or her life. Philippians […]
  • Bound for Joy: Intercession

    The Apostle Paul prayed for his friends and ministry partners from the church at Phillipi. He prayed that they would increase in love, knowledge, insight, discernment, […]
  • Bound for Joy: Partnership

    Study of the Book of Philippians. Writing from prison, the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi includes inspiration and instruction about perseverance, attitude, friendship, […]