• Parables: Stories of Christ – The Unjust Steward

    The Parable of the Unjust Steward is sometimes difficult to understand. It seems as if this dishonest rascal is praised for cheating his master out of […]
  • Parables: Stories of Christ – The Great Banquet

    God is the Master of all and is throwing a great banquet of forgiveness from sin and eternal life. He has invited many guests from the […]
  • Parables: Stories of Christ – The Rich Fool

    The Parable of the Rich Fool teaches us that we are fools when we fail to give God the thanks He is due for our many […]
  • Parables: Stories of Christ Introduction

    This week we introduced our winter series Parables: Stories of Christ. Parables are the sermon illustrations Jesus used to help fishermen and farmers understand the theology […]
  • The Greatest Treasure

    A fresh look at the story of Zacchaeus to show why Jesus must be our greatest treasure!
  • Thin Places: Nunc Dimittus

    In the third installment of the “Thin Places” series, we looked at Simeon and the Nunc Dimittus. Simeon was described as righteous, devout, filled with the […]
  • Thin Places: Benedictus

    On Sunday we discussed Zechariah’s Benedictus – his song of thanksgiving, praise, and blessing over his son John the Baptist who would prepare the way for […]
  • Thin Places: Magnificat

    On Sunday we discussed Mary’s Magnificat, her praise song to God after she heard that she would bear God’s son. We looked at the attributes of […]
  • Gratitude

    An attitude of gratitude is key to enjoying life and what is to uniquely characterize those who choose to follow Christ. Utilizing an encounter Jesus had […]
  • Alignment: Part 2

    In our second installment of “Alignment” we discussed how the building of the wall around Jerusalem served as a witness to all Israel’s enemies that God […]
  • Alignment: Part 1

    How does a church get aligned with the will of God? First and foremost, we pray. Second, we embrace the vision God has revealed. Next, we […]
  • Veterans Day

    Special guest: Cary Chapman Today, we stop and honor the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. Thank you, veterans, for everything […]
  • Conversations with Jesus: Feed My Sheep

    In John 21, Jesus asked Peter if he loved him. Peter responded the way most of us would… Yes! But their conversation was much more than […]
  • Conversations with Jesus: Mary & Martha

    Whether it is busyness or routine or the number of “good” things we have going on, many things distract us and divert our attention from what’s […]
  • Conversations with Jesus: Woman at the Well

    John 4:1-26 records an intriguing conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman where Jesus models some practical ways to engage others in life-giving dialogue. We discover […]