New to Cornerstone

Fellowship, Devotion, Laughter and Camaraderie

Church should always be a place where everyone feels welcome and a spirit of warmth and hospitality fill every corner. Experience this at Cornerstone, every Sunday morning! We want you to feel at home, whether it is your first visit or you have been coming for years. Grab a cup of coffee, stop by our Welcome Center, sit by the fireplace, or spend time with old friends and new friends. When you join us you will find fellowship, devotion, laughter and camaraderie at every turn. Every time God brings us together, we enjoy each other, we enjoy our experience, and most of all, we enjoy the presence and power of Jesus Christ!


Sermons That Make Us Smile and Think

At Cornerstone, we take God and God’s Word very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That shows up in the way we dive into the Bible every Sunday. Pastor Anthony uses inductive Bible study, many Scripture references, anecdotal and experiential evidence and a few stories that make us smile or think, or both! His expositional presentation of Bible passages and a variety of spiritual topics is complemented by a weekly fixture of relevant application.

We must not only be hearers of God’s Word, but doers!
(James 1:22).

Kids and Youth – Vibrant, Interactive, Education

Here at Cornerstone we provide vibrant, interactive, Christian education alongside fun, youth and children’s ministries and related activities. We use age-appropriate teaching, games, service and discussions as we share the love and the Gospel of Jesus with every child that comes through our doors.

These programs are far more than simply “childcare.” This is a safe and exciting place to experience the love and grace of trained class leaders who really care about and truly enjoy spending time with your children while teaching them.