Cornerstone Church is where you connect with Christ and with each other!

By holding up the values of prayer, the Bible, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism and ministry, we guide every person who comes through our doors and prepare them to leave with a greater sense of purpose and passion – as well as a closer walk with Jesus.

At Cornerstone, you will love the challenge, experience the authenticity, and enjoy the fun and the feel of an authentic Christian family.

What We Believe

First and Foremost, for the Worship of God and Jesus Christ

The name “Cornerstone Church” was chosen as it represents the ‘bedrock’ of our belief and the foundation of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is based on our commitment to the essentials of our faith and is in alignment with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith & Message, 2000 available here.

Independent and Autonomous
Every SBC church is independent and autonomous, so it is also helpful to know that at Cornerstone we believe the church exists first and foremost for the worship of God and Jesus Christ and manifests this worship through six key components:

Our Team

Dr. Anthony Pranno

Senior Pastor

After serving with the Cru athletic ministry, Athletes in Action, for five years at the University of California and Duke University, Anthony studied theology, church history and leadership, graduating with his M.A. from Denver Seminary in May 2001. Ten years later, he received his doctorate in Biblical Preaching from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

Anthony and Katheryn have been married 20 years and have three teenagers. Anthony is a Colorado native and his interests include fishing and golfing, but his favorite pastime is rooting for Colorado sports teams. In addition to his standard pastoral duties, Anthony enjoys premarital counseling and conducting weddings. He also volunteers as the chaplain for the Commerce City Police Department.


Cornerstone originated in Lone Tree in 1984. In 1990, Cornerstone purchased approximately eight acres of land on Lincoln and Lone Tree Parkway and built the 20,000 square foot two-level building.

  • 2008A Merger

    In 2008, Cornerstone merged with University Hills Baptist Church with the purpose of uniting our collective gifts, talents, abilities and experience.

  • 2018New Senior Pastor

    In 2018, Cornerstone hired Dr. Anthony Pranno as the new senior pastor. He brought with him the congregation of Rocky Mountain Community Church. RMCC was established in 2007 and we are thrilled to partner with them.

Join Our Team

There are no current openings at this time, please check back with us.