Timothy Project

The Mentored M.Div. is an innovative and practical Master of Divinity Degree program with a church internship emphasis. The three-year program combines on-campus theological training at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary’s Rocky Mountain Campus with practical experience in the urban ministry setting of Cornerstone Church in Lone Tree, Colorado. This degree is designed to enable students to develop their ministerial leadership identity and skills through both the classical seminary classroom and an intensive church mentoring laboratory. While this foundational theological degree focuses primarily on preparing pastors and church planters, it also provides training that informs a wide variety of church-related ministries like Christian education, counseling, outreach/visitation, discipleship, missions and age/stage ministries. The program is limited to 10-12 students at any given time


The Mentored M.Div. is the shared vision between one of America’s largest Christian seminaries and a local New Testament church, both of which believe that the combined elements of classical theological instruction and practical experience are necessary components for shaping leaders to make Christ’s disciples and expand God’s Kingdom around the world.

Who is Leading the Timothy Project?

Dr. Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. Steve Veteto, Director of Golden Gate’s Rocky Mountain Campus, are committed to equipping Christian leaders who are followers of Jesus, connected to other believers and leaders, focused on living out their calling, missional in character and practice, and relevant to their ministry contexts. These men believe the most potent venue to produce such leaders is in an arena where theological education is partnered with practical, local church experience.
Dr. Michael Atherton, Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Lone Tree, CO, has been in ministry leadership for nearly 15 years as a pastor and professor. Since coming to Denver in 2005, Mike has been a leader in merging two churches, while reorganizing and restructuring the church around God’s divine purpose. As a growing church, Cornerstone has undergone a successful building program. Mike is a nationally certified church administrator and author of “The Revitalized Church.”

How Does the Timothy Project Function?

The Mentored M.Div. brings together the passions of these men and their staffs to produce a combination of four important training components:

  1. A local church laboratory in an urban center
  2. Classical classroom instruction
  3. On-line learning experiences
  4. A mentoring relationship with an experienced local church practitioner

This combination provides the opportunity for a practical church-based academic and ministry training experience that can’t be duplicated in the traditional seminary context. Golden Gate Seminary and Cornerstone Church are especially hopeful that this program will help develop leaders who may consider serving in the west as church planters or pastors after they finish seminary.

How to Apply for the Mentored Program:

Prospective students must complete four requirements before being approved for the Mentored M.Div. program at Cornerstone Church:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary atwww.ggbts.edu/admissions/application.aspx.
  2. Complete the Mentored M.Div. on-line application.
  3. Schedule a personal interview with Dr. Michael Atherton and other members of the Cornerstone staff. Once the above application for the Mentored M.Div. is submitted, the applicant will be contacted by the Cornerstone staff to schedule the interview.
  4. Submit 3 letters of personal recommendation from individuals who can testify to the student’s ministry calling and suitability for a program like the Mentored M.Div. One of the letters of recommendation must be from the pastor of either the student’s home church or the church where he/she is currently a member.